We believe that it is the fine details that differentiate our clothes from the rest. There are a handful of competitor shops who also care about customers and great in getting the fit right just like we do. But many do not have access to materials and features that make your suits and shirts high quality and last longer.

For example, our suit jackets have the following features which most other Hue Tailors do not offer:

-Woven Chest Canvas
-High quality Lapel Interlining fabric
-Bemberg Lining
-Corozo buttons
-Ultra Lightweight Shoulder Pads

We also invest in better sewing machines to ensure stitching of your clothes are re-enforced. We also invest in press or iron machines so that chances of suits bubbling is minimized.


Many do not know Vietnam is the top manufacturing destination for many designer clothing brands. And these designer labels charge huge markups for their brands, not fabrics or workmanship.

We have built lasting relationships with these wholesale factories. So we can buy the same designer label fabrics at very competitive prices


We are also confident that our prices are highly competitive for the same fabric and workmanship. That is why we are transparent and boldly list our prices in our shop and even our online store.


No top tailor in Hue is complete without capable craftsmen. We have handpicked some of the best craftsmen, so that we have full control of the construction, fit and quality of every garment.

Our tailors are paid basic salaries so their work is not affected by low sales during off-peak season. We constantly challenge our tailors to improve their technique so that they can offer more value to our customers.


You will get to choose every style detail for your suit jackets, trousers and shirts. For this, professional advice will be crucial to help you choose details that really meets your preferences and needs. With the help of our proprietary style guide, our visual samples and our highly trained staffs, this will be a easy yet fun process.

All our staffs are highly experienced and are one of the best in the business. We have a very strict hiring process because we believe our customers deserve the best.


Tailoring is about personal relationships that might even last for generations. We enjoy these personal relationships and are accountable for what we sell. Because we understand that if customers are happy, only will they tell their friends about us.