Gia Huy Silk Tailor Shop is a multi-functional family tailor shop with a team of talenty tailors and professional designers, with over 15years experience in the garment industry. Our shop was established in 2005, and until now we have expanded nationwide and internationally with system of 3 shops selling garments and fabrics: Gia Huy Silk Tailor Shop, Gia Huy’s Tailor shop and Balina shop along with online sales websites. Gia Huy Silk Tailor is proud to be the No.1 garment brand and the only one that is excellent certified annually by Tripadvisor.

You are wondering why Gia Huy Silk top the garment and why should you choose Gia Huy Silk Tailor shop?


Firstly, Gia Huy Silk Tailor has a team of tailors working professionally, experienced and skilled, they can do the fastest product today. We can finish products in the fastest time from 30 minutes to 3 hours and 6 hours for products from simple to complex. That is why Gia Huy Silk Tailor shop has the opportunity to serve many international and domestic tourists to Hue in a short time.


Secondly, Gia Huy Tailor has a team of professional sales and design staff, full of knowledge and skills to receive inquiries and dedicated customer service. They are fluent International Languages ​​is English and French.


Thirdly, Gia Huy Silk Tailor shop has a system of warehouse with many materials available on the market, from normal to luxury quality, including natural and synthetic fabrics. Therefore, Gia Huy Silk Tailor is a reliable shop of many companies that want to order uniforms and lots of orders by the variety of designs and fabrics.


Fourth, we provide national and international shipping service, wherever you are just contact Gia Huy Tailor shop and then we can give you what do you want by all of our ability.


Fifth, Gia Huy Silk Tailor shop is committed to do any modifications as customer’s asking after the product is completed without charge and commit to refund if the product is not fulfilled requirements, design at the beginning the customer ordering.

Gia Huy Silk Tailor Shop is pleased to serve you!

Gia Huy Silk Tailor Shop – Quality, Prestige made Brand!