We believe in the little details that make your suits not just durable but look and feel better. There are tailors who are great in getting the fit right like we do. But many of these stores do not offer the same features (i.e. Bemberg lining, horsehair canvas interlining etc) we offer due to lack of experience, effort or connections.

Our fabric suppliers also supply fabrics of high quality to some of your favorite designer clothing labels. Hence, you can be confident you are receiving great quality products every single time.

With a focus on design, attention to detail and luxury fabrications, the designers, tailors and craftsmen of Gia Huy Silk Shop can turn their hand to everything from luxury couture fashion to casual beach attire, from a classic suit through to an investment pair of shoes, each finished piece exhibiting all the characteristics of perfect craftsmanship and quality, providing luxury that lasts a lifetime.

Gia Huy Silk Shop strive to give each and every employee the very best from education to working conditions and take great pride from their craftsmanship and commitment to keeping traditional tailoring alive.

At Gia Huy Silk Shop we pride ourselves in sourcing and stocking the finest and most extensive range of fabrics from the softest silks, cottons and difficult to find cashmeres and top end wools- all exclusive to Gia Huy Silk Shop.

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